Founded in 2005, PIN (Hong Kong) Limited is renowned worldwide for its specialization in Tanzanite fine jewelry. As the pioneer in marketing of Tanzanite products, PIN has been playing an important role throughout the supply chain, ranging from gemstones purchase from the mines, stone cuts, jewelry design, manufacturing, exports and wholesales.

Since 2008, PIN has established its own brand and specialty shops, namely “VANESSA”, as its robust arm to develop the markets of Tanzanite jewelry.

PIN's tanzanite rings piece "Spirit - Realization", which is embedded with lofty ideals, is the Champion of JMA International Jewelry Competition 2016 (Open Group II). PIN also wins the "2017 Best SME Award" honoured by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business (HKGCSME).

In early 2017, PIN was authorized as "Sightholder" by TanzaniteOne, the major mining company of Tanzanite in Tanzania, East Africa. Since then PIN has become the only Sightholder in regions of the mainland China and Hong Kong.

The company's founder, Mr. Kenny Chan, is appointed as the Associate Chairman (China Affairs) of Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers' Association (HKJMA). As always he has been devoting himself to the continuing development of jewelry industry.

The company name “PIN” implies the spiritual elements of the organization. “P” stands for Passion for appreciating, creating and promoting fine jewelry, whereas “I” for Imagination without any boundary for the endless creativity, and N for Natural being a core value so as to prefer natural materials in jewelry creation.